Extreme Spring Cleaning With London Skip Hire

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As the snow recedes, the nights get lighter, our spirits begin to lift. A new year, a new chapter in our lives, and yes, post Christmas, yet more clutter in the house. For those of us who are keen gardeners this is also an interesting time of year, with our planters and borders happily dormant, it is a good time to take an overview of the garden, and see what can be got rid of! Whether it is inside or out, this time of year can get you in the mood for a bit of streamlining. The problem with those really serious spring cleans, is what to do with all the rubbish. This rubbish might include some pretty bulky stuff. Tired carpets, furniture that has seen better days and a whole host of garden waste can develop into a dauntingly large pile.

Licensed to Dump

If you are expecting to generate a small private mountain, skip hire in London needs to be a consideration. Local councils take rubbish seriously, so seriously that they like to limit the amount of collections that are available and the amount that a domestic household can throw out. When it comes to a big clear out or building project, they will also probably demand that you get a licence to place a skip on the highway. Licences are required for skips on any public highway and this can include public footpaths and bridleways. The cost of the licence can vary from authority to authority, so when choosing a skip hire London firm, check that they will deal with this aspect for you. Licences are required to ensure that skips are not littering our pavements, blocking highways or causing risk to members of the public, who are notorious for not being able to see large fluorescent, brightly coloured objects.

Nuisance Neighbours

Depending on your point of view, skips can cause a lot of nuisance from neighbours.They will probably think that you are the problem while you will be certain that their complaining is completely out of order. In the interests of neighbourly harmony, getting a skip hire firm in London that has a wide range of options, is easy to contact, can arrange for a speedy delivery and pick up is essential. Where space is limited a mini skip might be the best option, but for larger jobs you may have to order a full sized skip. Companies that can offer speedy turnaround on delivery and pick up will be crucial here. Space limitations are often a factor in London and you may find having a skip in the garden, on the drive or out on the street will be as annoying for you as the neighbours! Added to this your licence will have a time limit, so using a reliable skip hire London firm, will mean that you can have the rubbish ready to load, and the skip removed promptly. This will save you time, money and inconvenience.
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Extreme Spring Cleaning With London Skip Hire

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This article was published on 2011/01/21